Twenty Seven Co. Limited (TSC) is currently undertaking its maiden RC drilling program at Mt Dimer Mining lease in Western Australia.


  • The Mt Dimer Gold Project comprises a mining lease (M77/515) and exploration license (E77/2383) located circa 100km North-East of Southern Cross (see the map on the right). To recap, the Mt Dimer mining lease was last mined in the mid-1990’s when the gold price was circa A$500 per ounce. The open pit produced ~77,000t @ 3.44g/t Au for circa 8,500 Oz of Au, to 50m depth. (Reference: ASX: TSC: 30 September 2020, Strong gold potential at Mt Dimer)
  • No significant production or exploration work has been completed since 1996. Historical drilling from the 1990’s and four drill-holes from 2017 indicate that significant gold mineralisation exists under the open pit and along strike. A north-south long section through the Mt Dimer deposit indicates gold mineralisation plunging shallowly south below the current pit level and remaining open at depth.
  • TSC’s Mt Dimer project sits just over 1 hour North of Great Eastern Highway, to the North West of the famous gold mining town of Southern Cross.
  • As well as the project’s close proximity to the major highway and power it’s sits within a two hour drive from the major Gold Mining centre of Kalgoorlie.
  • Mt Dimer’s Mining Lease expires in 2034.


  • The assays from the final 16 holes from the February 2021 RC drilling campaign at the Mt Dimer Mining Lease continues to deliver shallow, high-grade results with up to 23g/t gold & 33g/t silver – the best intercepts comprise: * 8m @ 13.55g/t gold from 80m incl. 4m @ 23g/t gold from 80m (21MDRC017) * 6m @ 7.07g/t gold & 6.93g/t silver from 45m Incl. 1m @ 22.90g/t gold from 49m (21MDRC025) – note: finished in mineralisation * 1m @ 6.93g/t gold & 16.5g/t silver from 111m (21MDRC023) * 14m @ 0.53g/t gold & 1.56g/t silver from 14m (21MDRC022) * 17m @ 0.16g/t gold from 29m (21MDRC023) * 1m @ 2.75g/t gold & 9.9g/t silver from 145m (21MDRC012) * 1m @ 1.50g/t gold & 29.2g/t silver from 130m (21MDRC014)
  • Encouragingly, these fresh assays validate legacy results (below) and extend significantly known mineralisation: * 7m @ 3.19g/t gold & 14g/t silver from 106m incl. 3m @ 6.5g/t gold & 25.4g/t silver from 106m (21MDRC008) * 1m @ 8.15g/t gold & 26.9g/t silver & 0.60% lead & 0.62% zinc from 84m (21MDRC007) * 4m @ 2.22g/t gold from 160m (21MDRC010) * 1m @ 2.94g/t gold & 5g/t silver from 121m (21MDRC009) * 22m @ 4.98g/t gold from 37m (DRC_023) incl 10m @ 7.55g/t from 44m * 19m @ 3.42g/t gold from 76m (DRC_031) incl 4m @ 12.95g/t from 76m * 8m @ 4.71g/t gold from 72m (DRC_063) * 7m @ 3.72g/t gold from 35m (DRC_036) * 7m @ 3.95g/t gold from 84m (DRC_044)
  • Bundling fresh and historical data, TSC’s geology team confirms there is now ample data to expedite the modelling of a JORC compliant resource for the Mt Dimer Mining Lease
  • Concurrently, several members of TSC’s geology team are now at the adjacent Mt Dimer Exploration Lease, which is immediately west of the mining lease, progressing a comprehensive surface sampling program to identify incremental targets for test-drilling
Cross Section showing historical results in white and recent results in yellow

Cross Section showing historical results in white and recent results in yellow


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