Rover Project

Twenty Seven Co. Limited (TSC) is currently exploring for cobalt and copper across the Company’s project in the Western Australia.


  • TSC’s Rover (E57/1085) project is 140km west of Leonora in Cobalt (Co), Nickel (Ni) and Copper (Cu) mineral rich area associated with mafic and ultramafic rocks.
  • Historically the area is underexplored for Co and is currently undergoing a resurgence in exploration.
  • St George Mining’s (ASX: SGQ) intersected 1.9m @ 7.42% Ni, 3.45% Cu and 0.23% Co in January 2018 (1) and continue to intersect high grade Ni-Cu-Co sulphides at the nearby Mt Alexander Project, including massive sulphides at Investigators Prospect (2)
  • Talisman Mines (ASX: TLM) intersected 4m @ 4.79% Ni and 8m @ 4.2% Ni (3)
  • TSC’s Rover project has historic anomalous Ni and Co values associated with mafic dykes and greenstones highlighting the significant potential of the project (4)


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Twenty Seven Co. Rover_01 - Australian Cobalt Exploration

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