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Auger Drilling Campaign Completed at Yarbu Gold Project in WA

Auger Drilling Campaign Completed at Yarbu Gold Project in WA


  • Auger campaign comprising 662 drill-holes (Plus QA samples) for 987m completed over entire Yarbu tenement package, providing an unparalleled geochemical insight into an underexplored part of the Marda-Diemals Greenstone Belt
  • Average sample depth was 1.46m
  • All bagged samples have now been dispatched to the laboratory to test for a full multi element suite
  • TSC’s geological team will use results from these auger assays to plan further drilling activity at Yarbu
  • Yarbu is located in a highly prospective location along the Marda-Diemals greenstone belt, adjacent to Ramelius Resources (ASX: RMS) Marda Gold Project
  • Further work programs designed to test other priority targets within TSC’s portfolio are currently being finalised and details will be announced shortly


Twenty Seven Co. Limited (ASX: TSC) (“TSC” or “the Company”) is pleased to confirm the successful completion of the auger drilling campaign at the Company’s Yarbu Gold Project in WA’s Gold Fields (see figure 1).

Overall, the campaign comprised 662 drill holes for 987m, with all samples having now been dispatched to the laboratory where tests for multi element analysis are being undertaken.  All samples will be assayed at Lab West in Perth using their low-level UltraFine fraction technique which was developed through CSIRO/MRIWA research project M462 and delivers highly sensitive analysis of gold and multi-elements in the ultrafine (<2µm) fraction of soil samples.

The Board anticipates receiving the full assays by the end of June.


Figure 1: Auger sampling underway at Yarbu Gold Project


The priority focus of TSC’s geological team is to analyse the historical data, together with the recent geochemical sampling, and to commence modelling of geochemical anomalisms that may indicate gold mineralisation under recently transported cover.

The majority of the tenure surrounding TSC’s Yarbu tenements, having previously undergone surface geochemical sampling, together with the current auger data, has been compiled into a regional geochemical database. Further, the gold in soil anomalies identified around Yarbu appear to be associated predominantly with fold hinges along and proximal to the Clampton fault, which is a major regional crustal scale mantle tapping fault separating the Marda-Diemals Greenstone belt to the east and the large Yilgarn granites to the west.

Historical auger drilling within the greater Marda-Diemals Greenstone belt has been very effective in identifying zones of bedrock gold, arsenic, and lead mineralisation under shallow soil cover.  For example, the delineation of a zone of bedrock gold, arsenic, and lead auger anomaly (>50 ppb gold, 100ppm arsenic, and 30ppm lead) extending for 1,300m x 400m beneath approximately 0.5-1m of cover, appears to correspond with the Andromeda Project.


Next Steps

The following work programs are currently underway and/ or planned for TSC’s WA gold portfolio:

  • Yarbu: Analyse pending assay results from Yarbu auger drilling and identify any areas of mineralisation/ anomalism for follow-up exploration and drilling activity.
  • Mt Dimer Gold-Silver Project: Finalise and release the 2012 JORC Compliant Resource Estimate.
  • Rover Gold Project: Formulating fresh drilling targets, based on extensive geochemical results, for the Blue Hills, Four Corners and Middle Well Gold Prospects1. In addition, further follow up drilling is set for the mainstay Creasy 1 and Harmonic Gold Prospect where significant mineralisation has already been identified.


Figure 2: Yarbu Tenement location in relation to the Marda Greenstone belt, Southern Cross and Mt Dimer


Figure 3 (left): Historical geochemical points coloured by gold under reinterpreted geophysical map.  Also shown highlighted as pink lines are recently identified fold structures

Figure 4 (right): TSCs’ recently taken auger sample points, which highlight the full coverage of the tenement package


Commenting on the completion of auger drilling, CEO Simon Phillips said:

“We are pleased to have completed this auger drilling program at Yarbu and I would like to thank our drilling, logistics and geology teams for their excellent work. The data received from this program will provide us with a detailed level of insight into what is a largely underexplored part of the Marda-Diemals Greenstone Belt. The main focus at Yarbu now is for our geology consultants to use this data to determine geochemical anomalies that may warrant further follow up exploration. We look forward to reporting these findings in due course.”


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